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The Future of CasualCore

Hello everyone, I’d like to cover CasualCore’s history before discussing its future. Less than a year ago, Andrew and I both (separately) came to the realization that we wanted to do a gaming podcast.  Within a few weeks time CasualCore went from being an unnamed idea to a show that while rough, was real. For one practice […]

Episode 26 Postponed

We’ll be postponing the recording and posting of Episode 26 until tomorrow. That being said we’ve got quite the episode planned, with the second half of the show dedicated to reviewing Torchlight 2! Make sure you tune in! Thanks, Kyle

Show delay and Half an Episode

Hey folks, we’re sort of back but not all here. Due to some last minute travel, and computer issues we’ll be releasing an abbreviated episode tomorrow we’ll be back next week. For today however, check out these fine folks we met at Sogen last weekend. They deserve your attention, and have CasualCore’s endorsement. Objects of Amusement – great […]

River’s Edge Update Coming Soon

Hey folks, sorry about the lack of River’s Edge update so far. We’re still piecing together everything, and still trying to wrap our heads around what an awesome weekend it was. I promise though, a full recap is in the works and should be delivered shortly. On top of the recap, look out for the […]

Coming Up This Friday

Howdy folks, This week’s “in depth” segment is going to be all about Diablo 3, Andrew and I will be sharing our thoughts about the game, discussing the twelve year wait, and much more. Make sure you check out episode 11 when it goes live this Friday, so you can get your CasualCore and Diablo […]

The CasualCore Fundraiser

The CasualCore Podcast is doing an Indiegogo fundraiser, and we need your help/donations! Please share this link with your friends and family, and if you can please toss us a few bucks. Taken from the donations page: What We Need & What You Get

No show this week.

Howdy folks! As the headline reads, there wont be a show this week. This time it’s not due to sickness or anything bad, but instead it’s something GREAT! We will be joining the Atomic Facepalm podcast this Sunday, and didn’t want to risk repeating ourselves. Andrew and I are really looking forward to working with […]

Special Anouncement

Hey folks, Kyle here, just popping  in real quick to let you know about something coming up. On tomorrow’s show, make sure you listen for a special announcement regarding some upcoming changes and projects the CasualCore team has in the works. As we continue to learn and grow as a podcast, Andrew and I want […]

We’re BACK!

Hey everyone, Sorry about the one week, which then turned into two hiatus. After my hard drive issue, Andrew and I decided to take an extra week to regroup. We sat down, discussed the future of the cast, and decided to start searching for a third host. While we’ve yet to find the third member […]

No Podcast this week…

Hey everybody, Episode 5 of the podcast will not be put up this week, due in large part to my hard drive failing completely. I’m currently in the process of re-downloading/installing the programs we use to produce our podcast, and while we could have possibly had one up tomorrow it would’ve been rushed and no […]