Episode 33 (E3 Wrap Up)


It’s CasualCore’s E3 EXTRAVAGANZA!
(Extra extended edition)

Dear Xbox


I’ve been an unabashed Xbox fanboy who, for over a decade watched the Xbox brand climb to the top of the console world. I bore witness to convert after convert joining the Xbox cult due to Sony’s incompetence, Halo hype, and a sense of superiority. Even though there was an initial lack of Wi-Fi, countless red rings, and a mid-cycle redesign, the box triumphed. Through bouts of adversity and success, Microsoft held the largest chunk of the console crowd in the palm of their metaphorical hand. Yet with a series of bad decisions, wildly unpopular forced features, and atrocious PR, Microsoft closed that hand…crushing us all. 

I’d like to present to you, an open letter from myself to the company that held me in their palm for so long. 

Project Spark Reveal

Project Spark

Most of CasualCore’s coverage of E3 is going to come in the form of a show dedicated to all the news that broke during the con, but today I wanted to stop and talk about something that has really caught my eye.


Episode 32


CasualCore has officially gone NEXT NEXT gen with episode 32!

Episode 31


Episode 31 is here, and full of CasualCore-y goodness!

RIFT Goes Free to Play in June


No trials. No tricks. No traps.

That’s the motto on the page detailing RIFT’s free to play transition on June 12th, a move many people including myself didn’t think would happen. Given the fact that people working on the game have before said that they didn’t need to make it free to play/didn’t feel like it would work.

World of Warcraft loses 1.3 million subscribers. A players point of view.


Anyone that has talked to me about online games knows that I have played World of Warcraft since its launch back in 2004. WoW is my on again off again MMO girlfriend. Teasing me with new places to explore, new gear to be had. Even new races and abilities. But like most relationships with games…you get bored. I quit the game after a month or two of exploring the newest expansions content. Growing bored with the grind of the same daily quests. The same dungeons over and over, and stupid arguments with guild members.  Though once again a few months later. That tease of an internet mistress lured me back in with the draws of new content. A whole new island to explore. Quests to be had. Gear to be gained. I fell back in to her lustful grasp.

Episode 30


CasualCore turns the big 3-0!

Episode 29


Is this thing on? Hello? Are you still there?

We’re back again to talk to you about video games.

Episode 28


Last show we looked into the past, this episode we stare into the FUTURE!

Join us as we discuss what we’re looking forward to in 2013.