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CasualCore Plays Torchlight 2 at Pax

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One of the games we were most looking forward to at Pax this year was Torchlight 2, so when we got the chance to get our hands on the demo you know we took it! After the jump, you’ll find out just what we thought of this soon to be released game.

Episode 15

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This week on the show, we talk about E-Sports. (Run time 1 hour: 10 minutes)    

Episode 12

This week on the show, we talk about horses. Some of the topics covered on the show this week are: 38 studios closing up shop Bioware dumping employees from the SWTOR staff Skyrim (finally) getting mounted combat Diablo 3 selling a metric ass-ton of copies The in depth segment this week covers the world of […]

Episode 11

This week we welcome our permanent third host, Abe Levin! Some of the topics covered on the show this week are: Halo 4′s “war games” and “limited edition” Borderlands 2′s collectors editions Blizzard’s apology to Diablo 3 fans Remote Steam downloads The in depth segment this week is all about Diablo 3. We cover everything […]

Coming Up This Friday

Howdy folks, This week’s “in depth” segment is going to be all about Diablo 3, Andrew and I will be sharing our thoughts about the game, discussing the twelve year wait, and much more. Make sure you check out episode 11 when it goes live this Friday, so you can get your CasualCore and Diablo […]

Episode 8

BEHOLD! WE GIVE YOU EPISODE 8 OF THE CASUALCORE PODCAST! (And a sneak preview of the Halo 4 OST) Ok, with that out of the way here’s what today’s show has to offer: Andrew gets his Diablo 3 beta invite (finally) Discussion of slipping sales figures for the gaming industry Preview of Halo 4′s soundtrack […]

Episode 6

This week on The CasualCore Podcast, we try out a slightly different format. A format that brings you all the news you’re used to, with more in depth coverage on a few headlines that have grabbed our attention during the week. This week we cover the Violence In Video Games bill, the Mass Effect 3 […]

Episode 5

The podcast is back, after a two week hiatus! This week, we cover all the news we missed during the break, go over all the big GDC headlines, gush about the tech demo “Project Kara” (video of the demo below), and discuss the future of “adults only” games. Topics covered in episode 5 include: Mass […]

Episode 2 (w/ Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe)

On episode two of the CasualCore Podcast, we’re joined by Minnesota Vikings punter, bass player for Tripping Icarus, and gamer extraordinaire, Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe! In this cast we talk about Final Fantasy XIII-2, Diablo 3 (and Kyle’s beta invite), Nintendo and Sony losses, THQ, Football, Chris’s band, and tons more. This cast clocks in at […]

CasualCore Podcast Episode 1

This is the first official CasualCore podcast! To everyone who checked out episode zero, thank you! In this episode we cover a lot of topics, including information about Nintendo, Rift, Blizzard, THQ, discuss social networking influencing how games are made, and we discuss the future of Major League Gaming. Besides those tidbits of awesomeness, we bitch about Zyanga’s […]